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PlayStation Blacklight

This was a semester-long project in the Fall of 2012. Our client was Sony, and our goal was to create several 3 week prototypes based on general guidelines from our clients.I was one of 4 programmers on this project, and our target platform was (with one exception) the PlayStation Vita. We used the PSMobile API for development.

Our requirements were very general, and the API we worked in was very limited - which pushed us to collaborate extensively on design and engineering tasks. I learnt a lot about working effectively in a group (as a programmer, as well as a member of a small team), and also got a lot of exposure to design ideas and general programming principles that tend to get hidden when working in an engine that is designed to be easy to use.

This was easily my best experience at the ETC, and the project was very successful overall. At the end of the project, I accepted an offer to join 2k Sports, but the rest of the team went on to an internship at Sony. Most of the members of the team later became the core group for a newly created studio called PixelOpus. Our project also marked the beginning of a continuing collaboration between Sony and the ETC.


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