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Karthik Krishnamurthy


I generally go by KK, and I'm a AI and Gameplay programmer at Visual Concepts / 2k Sports.
My primary interest lies in working across disciplines to help solve problems and create interesting and immersive gameplay experiences.

Before this, I studied Computer Science at BMS College in Bangalore, India. During that time, I became a member of the Melton Foundation, an organization that focused on building intercultural understanding through first-hand experiences, extensive interactions with people from different cultural and academic backgrounds, as well as travel.The part about working closely among people with different skills and backgrounds really stuck out to me.

I went to graduate school at the Entertainment Technology Center in Carnegie Mellon University. Grad school gave me the chance to connect my interest in immersive experiences and video games, my professional interest in problem solving through programming, as well as working across disciplines and skill-sets to tackle interesting problems. That combination is something that I've come to realize is very important to me professionally.

I'm also a metalhead - a big Opeth fan, a gamer that plays a variety of games, a basketball fan (Dallas Mavericks specifically), and a news-junkie.